How To Listen

How To Listen In The Car:
1. Many new in-dash car stereos include USB inputs and auxiliary inputs, which let you connect and play your iPhone, or other smartphone directly through the car stereo. Some USB ports also charge your device while connected.

2. If you don't have an input already, there are lots of car audio shops that will install after market equiptment fairly cheaply.

3. For about $60 you can transmit audio from your smartphone to your car radio. Here's the one I purchased on

Link to buy at

You can listen directly from the Loser's Lounge or use an app like Tuner Internet Radio.
There are lots of great streams to choose from and lots of apps (some free) are available for streaming internet stations.
Some, like ours are not on their menu, but you can imput our stream address
We're also featured on
or again, stream us directly from our home page.

Listening at work:

AOL Users: AOL users have lots pf trouble loading up any of these players. Try logging on to the internet and then using internet explorer or another browser to load up Loser's Lounge Radio, then minimize and continue with AOL.

Listening at Work:  If you are listening at work and find that you can't access our MP3 streams (some corporations block streaming MP3 radio), please try  Windows Media Player as most corporate firewalls don't restrict them.

I have too many windows open: Once you've loaded a player, you can minimize or close any extra windows without losing our stream.

Still can't get Loser's Lounge Radio? Contact us so we can add more troubleshooting advice to this page. 


What is internet radio
Internet radio is simply radio programming transmitted over the Internet instead of the airwaves. Most on line radio is either traditional radio stations simulcasting their signal or original stations broadcasting exclusively on the Web.

Cruise N Good Radio broadcasts from a traditional studio, and is programmed to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

How do consumers access on line radio?
Unlike traditional radio or TV, on line radio does not require a special receiver to access the content. Any computer with Internet access or Smart Phone can be used to listen to internet radio. The consumer either goes to a Web site or clicks on a menu in their media player to access the programming. Examples of media players are Windows Media? Player, RealPlayer? or QuickTime?. Think of a media player as the built-in radio in a computer.

How big is the audience?
According to an Arbitron Inc./Edison Media Research there are more than an estimated 52 million actual Internet radio listeners that listened to on line radio in the past weeK

How many on line radio stations are there?
In traditional radio, there are a finite number of frequencies a station can use to carry its signal. The Internet does not have these limitations, nor do the stations have to register with the FCC. Therefore, thousands of stations can be broadcasting at any time, and new stations can go on line at will.

How will this affect Advertising and the Media?

Traditional terrestrial broadcasters will have fewer listeners to draw from. Consumers will choose from a variety of sources to get their daily news and entertainment. More people will choose to get their CNN Headline News or sports on a portable player while on the go, as opposed to tv. And more people will choose free internet radio over pay satellite, or traditional radio loaded with tons of commercials. It will be vital for advertisers to reach a specific audience to maximize their advertising dollars.

What portable players are currently available?

There are several home players and blue tooth hook-ups for your home stereo and car radio available. The iPhone iHome is a great companion for at home or at-work listening. Wi-fi car stereos will be next.